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Andy Dew – My Story

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Making money online has always interested me. I actually had some experience in High School, running an eBay drop shipping business. This promptly turned into a customer service job, which was and still is, my worst nightmare. It was a never ending flood of emails from customers demanding tracking information and threatening to give me negative feedback. This didn’t interest me or excite me at age 17. “There has to be another way” I thought.

In my research, I would see cheesy sales pages promising me thousands of dollars on “auto-pilot” if I just signed up and paid X amount of money. I fell for one or two of these when I was fourteen years old, and learned early on, just because someone promises you your dreams, doesn’t make them a legitimate source.

After this, I read about how to make money online, with a higher level of skepticism each time. I cannot believe these types of offers still hook people. It gives a bad name to anyone trying to teach anything of value on the internet. It wasn’t until I stepped out on my own and took some risks, that I saw the amazing potential of making money online.

It was 2009. I was working 30 hours per week at Best Buy, and going to The Ohio State University full-time. On the fast track to get a degree, and have an acceptable amount of money saved up by the time I graduated.

After 2 quarters of upper level classes and working on the weekends, I cut down on my hours at work. I quickly realized, there weren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I needed and still have a social life. I honestly didn’t spend much time thinking about the track I was on. I was banking on my degree landing me a great job. I resolved to sort out my future… in the future.

After two years of being told what to do in school and in work, I started feeling uneasy about my life’s path. Every time I wanted a weekend shift off, I had to go beg my manager and convince her I was worthy to recieve the weekend off (I eventually got every weekend off for over a year).

I would be up late, having great conversation with friends, and would catch myself thinking “I have that research paper due in a few days, and I work early tomorrow”. I started imagining a perfect world, where I got paid to have fun with friends and stay up late.

It sounds ridiculous, but have you ever dreamt of winning the lottery? I didn’t have much of a context for how to achieve the life I wanted, so I dreamt up something. It was what I wanted. Freedom to spend time how I saw fit.

I believe people desire freedom of their time and location, not to just sit around and be lazy, but to fulfill their deepest desires. Ever wondered what the world would be like if Steve Jobs or Mother Theresa never followed their calling or did what they were most passionate about?

It was a normal day and while I was working (daydreaming), I noticed there was an incredible sale going on with all video games in the store. Buy two, get one free. My kind of math.

I wondered if I could take advantage of this and flip them on eBay for a profit. After I was done at work, I headed to class where I ran the numbers from my laptop and did my best to listen to the professor at the same time. My hopes were high, until I accounted for the high cost of eBay fees and the even higher cost of dealing with more needy customers.

Then I stumbled upon an eBook about re-selling books on Amazon. I read through the book in one sitting. The book was pretty outdated, but I knew much of what he was teaching could be applied to other categories (like video games). I ran the numbers, and my hopes went high as a kite.

The following month, every Best Buy in central Ohio fell victim to my onslaught of purchasing best selling video games. I was making anywhere from $4-$15 on each game sold. I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about buying and reselling, but making money shopping is a pretty cool experience.

To add fire to the flame, I discovered fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and started using Amazon for all inventory fulfillment. At the same time, I sought out other categories of products and started buying items at Big Lots to resell on Amazon. Now with FBA I was sending all my purchases into Amazon and letting them take care of the customer service (I was in love at this point) and shipping directly to the customer.

I didn’t know it, but what I was doing is sometimes called “retail arbitrage”. When I went out to get ‘stuff to resell”, that’s called “sourcing”, or “scouting”. I didn’t know all the lingo because I didn’t buy more than a cheap outdated ebook about selling on Amazon. I didn’t buy multiple courses and books and absorb hours of information before starting. I took a risk and put all the video games on my Chase Freedom credit card. I eventually bought a book called Retail Arbitrage and it greatly encouraged me to keep going. If you really want to make it online, take action first. Let expensive informational products compliment your business, not build it for you.

Fast forward four years later. I’m speaking in front of over 300 people with over 1,000 others watching on a live stream. I’m speaking about selling on Amazon and how I automated the entire process. I am now the expert that you may be skeptical of or find online when wanting to learn about making money selling physical products on Amazon.

I don’t promise people millions of dollars, or even thousands of dollars if they buy anything from me. I don’t claim every single Amazon success story as one of my “students”, and I don’t teach every single type of way of making money online. I let people know what worked for me, and what didn’t. I cut my weekly hours in half, and more than doubled my income.
Which of the following would you rather learn more about?

  • How I cut my work hours in half and doubled my income.
  • The 5 Secrets to build your explosive massive unlimited business growth machine on autopilot.

I don’t have the most glamorous way of doing things, but it more than gets the job done. I’m more interested in sharing my story and the tools I find useful. Both are easily accessible. I’m not trying to prove how great I am or how rich I am. I want as many as possible to share in my story, because I think diverse characters make for the most exciting stories.

Before writing any books or creating content online, I was able to travel to 10 different countries in just over 1 year.

I didn’t make $500,000 that year, but I did work less than 20 hours per week, traveled the world, and earned more than any job I would get coming out of Ohio State with a bachelors degree.

I simply modified an existing business model (selling physical products on Amazon) to my life and put my creative spin on it. I did things without consulting an expert or seeing if it was the norm. The failures this caused me cost money, but it paved the way for sustained success.

Most people never take risks because society says to choose being unhappy over being uncomfortable. It’s not always comfortable when people either do not understand what you do for a living, or they ask time after time “Oh hey, how’s the eBay stuff going?”.

Now, I’ve learned to creatively invent titles and descriptions for what I do. “I own a company that sells physical goods on Amazon, and I teach others how to effectively do the same”. Sounds almost elegant doesn’t it?

Starting off was hard, but that part is over. Now, I love when people ask me what I do for work. Making money online has introduced me to some of the most interesting and genuine people. Whether it be through speaking at a mastermind group or conference, or being introduced to new people via email, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Be inspired. If you take away one thing from me, let it be the importance of being inspired by people’s stories. If my story doesn’t do the trick, go find one that does. Feel free to comment on this and share your story. I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to hear other people’s stories, even if it’s just a brief part.


-Andy Dew

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  • Shawn Searcy

    I remember speaking to you last November right before the CES Conference, on Facebook, you were wondering how you could rent a car in Orlando cause you weren’t 25 yet… and I almost put my head through my computer! THIS GUY IS PROBABLY 15 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME AND IS MAKING 5 TIMES WHAT I AM! Not from jealousy but ” If He Can Do It, I CAN DO IT”!
    You have always communicated this to your Audience, I get excited knowing this is where I can be in 3-4 years if I keep my focus and Dream…

    • Shawn, I remember our conversation. It’s always so good to hear from you! Thank you for the encouragement. I have no doubt you’ll be in great places in a couple of years.

  • kevin

    I met you in Dublin Andy. Hope all is well. My fear of private labelling is buying counterfeit goods.

    • Kevin! Emily and I were just talking about how great it was, getting to know you over some delicious guinness. Our second time in Dublin was incredible and we’re already excited to go back. Hope all is well with you.

  • I really appreciate your sharing about your experience. It’s inspiring and makes me feel like I can do it too. I bought your course recently and have been very happy with it . I had been looking at another course that was $2400 but I came to my senses and thought that there had to be other courses out there that were just as good or better and weren’t going to be gouging me of my last coin. I’ve already made money on my first FBA shipment with your product finds, so suffice it to say, I am very big fan of yours right now, lol. I look forward to learning more and I will keep an eye on your blog. Thanks so much!!!!!

    • Thank you for your input Melina! My favorite thing to hear from any reader is that they are making money! Oh and just wait, the product finds are about to get even more exclusive for premium members, so you’ll be on your way to make even more money.

  • Joe

    After reading your story, I couldn’t believe how similar it was to mine. I’m no where close to where you’re at in your Amazon business, but it gives me so much inspiration because your story is so relatable. I’m 23, just graduated from Michigan State University (boo OSU lol), and I’m currently a staff accountant at an accounting firm. I’ve always had a desire to make money online (got burned on 2 online scams when I was from the ages of 15-17), worked part-time on my eBay/Amazon business while attending college full-time, and then once I finally graduated, I bought your itsdewable premium course and a few of Jessica Larew’s courses. I’m studying for the CPA Exam at the moment so it’s really difficult to do anything other than working and studying, but after this busy period blows by, I fully intend to continue my Amazon business, take it more seriously, and hopefully expand it much further.

    Thank you so much for everything you do on this blog, itsdewable, and the inspiration to possibly have success at this. It’s deeply appreciated.

    • That’s so awesome Joe. We do have a very similar story! You have to keep me updated when things settle down a little bit and you start expanding your business. Since you’re a premium member of dewable, you should log in and make sure you’re on the premium email list. I’ve got some bonus material I’m sending to everyone soon. It will help you expand your business while freeing up more time.

  • Roselani

    Ok, I just signed up for this newsletter. Haven’t bought your course yet, but bcz of the low price, I may very well. One question: I saw your product finds and it confused me. Why on earth would anyone buy a product on Amazon for approximately $30, when they can get the exact product at Target for $11??? That makes no sense to me. Do they do buy that out of ignorance, or geography? Is that what’s called retail arbitrage??? Seems nuts to me. Surely it can’t be that easy…

    • Hey Roselani, people Dew in fact pay more for items on Amazon. This is for a number of reasons. The Amazon customer is much less price sensitive than many other stores. Often times it’s geography or they simply want to purchase from Amazon and don’t care if it costs them more. This is definitely a form of retail arbitrage. It’s easy, and very difficult at the same time. It’s not always a breeze to go out and find the price discrepancies. With more sellers jumping on board, competition has gotten a bit more fierce as well.

  • Cryssstalll

    Hi Andy
    You seem like a really nice, genuine guy. Must be hard for your parents that you are so far away. Good luck with all your adventures.

  • Anthony

    Andy, I have read many of your emails and looked admiringly at some of the information. I’ve been kicking around the internet for 3 or 4 years with little luck because I can’t seem to “find the way” to trust buying inventory at the correct price. I know that sounds crazy but I have become “frozen” regardless of what method I try, to make profitable inventory. I have an established FBA acct but have not used it due to a couple of trys that didn’t work. I’m in a big limbo and can’t find any solid method of buying invenory and selling on FBA.
    Also, every program which seems to be “necessary” for success costs more than I can afford. Everything feels like a catch 22 with no way to get it going.
    I’m sure you have suggestions. I’m listening !!!!

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