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Who I am not.  I’m not another “teach your passion and make a million dollars” guru.

I’m a, “Do whatever gives you freedom of your time and location” kind of guy. I teach how to leverage your hard work, not make it go away.

Professional Bio: Andy Dew has been selling online for over eight years. In 2010 he started becoming very successful at selling, using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). In 2012 he created dewable, the world’s first step-by-step video course revealing how to use FBA to earn an income online. Andy is also the author of the book The Art of Traveling for Free (also available on Amazon.com). He loves speaking at conferences, mastermind groups, and being a part of creative communities.

The reason I sell on Amazon is because it makes me a lot of money and I was able to automate the entire process. There are a million ways to make money online. I only focus (and blog about) ones that take minimal time, and don’t require me to be in one physical location. I couldn’t have traveled to 15+ countries these past two years if I had the ol’ ball and chain (9-5).

This blog will help you discover ways you can multiply your streams of income. Whether you sell on Amazon, sell coaching services, or work a 9-5 job, this blog will help you become less dependent on just one source of income and gain freedom of your time. Oh and I’ll inevitably show you how to travel the world for free.

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