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dumping your guru

Everything you’ve learned online is a lie, and gurus (experts) are bad people. Or maybe you just need to send that $499 to that sketchy looking internet site via western union and see the amazing profits deposited into your bank account each week!

I may have generalized some things, but let’s take a look at something going on out there on the inter-webs today.

You have an absurd amount of people claiming to have the secret sauce, to help you make money online. Usually it’s teaching you how to teach other people how to make money online. It’s kind of a vicious cycle!

Or maybe it’s the promise of turning your passion into a full time income.

Why trust them they ask you? Here’s three fun reasons many gurus give.

1. “Well, because 80,000 other people do!”
2. “Because I’ve been making money online since 1999!”
or maybe they’ll say
3. “because I have an awesome car and you don’t”. (They are using their lifestyle to prove that what they teach works).

Let me break these down real quick.
1. “Everyone is doing it.” It’s kind of hard to verify the number of subscribers someone has. Maybe they’ll show a screen shot or something. Even then, who is following them? If their audience is legit (not a purchased list), do you fit into that same audience?

2. “Because I’ve been doing it for a long time.” Many of these dinosaurs have upgraded from VHS to DVD and think it’s pretty cool. They are the ones still saying that Blu-Ray is going to flop and and online streaming will never take off. They will be happy to sell you the secret formula to sell more DVDs than anyone else. Problem is, people won’t be buying DVD’s much longer.

3. Because I’m awesome. Most people don’t fall for this any more. Admire lifestyles all you want, and I love when people are transparent, but it’s bad practice to use your lifestyle to earn trust. An ideal lifestyle attracts attention, but usefulness gains trust.

That’s what we’re after. Usefulness. When I want to create something for my audience, I want to make it easy on the eyes, and easy to consume. Delicious content. Not pages upon pages of text and bold font, screaming at people . When I see these kinds of pages, I actually check to see if my eyes are bleeding.

The number of people following me, my track record, and my lifestyle should all bolster my usefulness to my audience. Not the other way around.

Better to be listened to than heard, right?

I’m willing to bet there’s a guru or two that you still get emails from, but would never read their emails out loud to a friend or your spouse. Don’t worry, this is a judgement free zone. But do yourself a favor and dump their ass.

Here’s three things you can ask yourself concerning any lingering gurus or next time someone throws some crazy claims (not clams) your way.

1. Do I (or could I) fit into this persons audience?

Do they bad mouth anyone publicly? No one likes to be associated with someone who makes a lot of enemies. Do they offer really great resources at no cost? Pat Flynn is a great example of this. Spend four minutes on Pat’s site and you want to be best friends with him.

2. Does their material work right now?

Many times, people use a bait and switch tactic (whether they know it or not). They give plenty of free content away, but none of it is actually useful. It can only be applied or fully maximized when you fork over some cash.

I’m all about that bass giving away free content, as long as it can actually help someone (even if they never purchase anything). My friend Jordan Malik gives his audience useful content so often it’s borderline obnoxious. He sets the bar pretty high.

3. Are they transparent or flashy?

Do they constantly post about their amazing life, free from the evil of work? Or do they simply live their life how they want, without worrying about who sees? Tim Ferris is my favorite positive example for this one.

So there you have it. The definitive guide to dump your guru, or follow someone new.

Need help dumping some unwanted emails?

Check out this awesome tool called unrollme and do a mass unsubscribe.

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  • roy

    You’ve helped us a ton with your step by step guide to selling on Amazon and your product finds. I am looking forward to your blog and am working my way through your leveraging videos. Thanks for all your help.

    • Thanks so much Roy. Comments like yours are really encouraging.

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